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Boleyn King

The Boleyn King (Boleyn Trilogy, #1)The Boleyn King by Laura Andersen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love England, I love British history & I love, love reading about the Tudors. I also love reading alternate history books, though I seldom actually get to read one.

Well this book fits the bill completely - it begins to answer the what if a lot of Tudor buffs wonder about - what if Anne Boleyn had a male child that lived to adulthood?

The book focuses on 4 young individuals - Will, Anne's son, his friend Dominic, Will's older sister Elizabeth (aka the future Queen Elizabeth), and their childhood friend and servant, Minuette (told primarily through her point of view). It is not meant to be historical fiction, but alternative history, with some mystery & romance thrown in for good measure.

The book does a great job with recreating a new reality for us, though I struggled greatly with Minuette being Will & Elizabeth's equal. Yes, it's entirely possible for Dominic to be a friend and adviser, but for Minuette to also be treated as an equal (a girl) leaves me a little flustered at the unlikeness of it all.

The other big reason why I only gave this book 4 stars, has to do with the extreme abrumpt ending. Reading the back cover of the book / the blurbs, leaves you with the feeling that there is going to be a decision made about the love triangle by the end of the book, which does not happen.

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