Friday, February 14, 2014

Secret of the Sea Creature

The Secret of the Sea CreatureThe Secret of the Sea Creature by Laurie S Sutton
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First of all, I am a HUGE Scooby Doo fan! When I first saw this book, I was so excited because it's also a choose your own adventure book! I LOVED those books as a kid and was thrilled to see another one come out!

This book is for ages 7-12. The pages are beautifully drawn and look like the characters in all the shows (yes, I still watch Scooby Doo as an adult). The story line is simple but very age appropriate - the gang goes to a beach, you get to pick who to hang out with (all the major characters are here) and depending on who you pick, will determine what will happen next!

I wish that there were a few more choices, but as I aaid, this is for younger kids & I think they will absolutely love it and I know I'm buying this for my niece when this comes out (she'll be 7).

I received a review copy for free from netgalley and was not paid for this review.

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