Friday, February 21, 2014

Prairie Anna

Prairie AnnaPrairie Anna by Peggy House
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a children's book, similar to Little House on the Prairie, about a girl named Anna, who has to indure hardship kids today have no clue about. The story is very cute and is based upon a true story, and I think most kids would enjoy it. The illustrations are also very nice and go well with the story.

I had just a couple of little issues - both cars and telephones are mentioned here. I really struggle to believe that a family as poor as Anna's, who had to burn cow dung in order to keep their home warm, would be rich enough to own a phone and a car, a true luxury by any standards at that period in time. The phone quite easily could have been cut out of the story all together, and have a horse replace the car, and the story would have flowed so much better, but the vast majority of kids won't pick up on those facts, I'm sure.

My other interesting tidbit was the colony Anna's family ended up living with - I would have really enjoyed hearing more about it - I felt that whole section was a tease, but that's probably just my viewpoint as an adult.

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