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Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Voyager (Outlander, #3)Voyager by Diana Gabaldon
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Alright, I finished rereading this last night and it's time to write out my thoughts!

It's a long, long book. Yup, all the Outlander books are long & yes, I love my big fat books, but this one was long. A lot happens, they bounce around all over the place, and once Claire goes back in time things pick up speed and they run around the globe chasing after people, things, etc. It's a lot to cram into a book, and all of the main action in the book takes place in about 5 months time.

I still don't really care for this book in the series. I liked it more this time through, but I don't really care for it. A lot of that is all the action crammed into a short time period; a lot of it is the book really, really relies heavily on coincidences & I just feel like that is a cop out for an author to take. I don't really care for the ending, either, and as with all the Outlander books, this one just ends. They arrive in Georgia and boom! Book's done, and that's another reason why I don't care for this one. Another thing I don't really care for is how Jamie is so dishonest to Claire throughout the book and she doesn't even call him on the lies. "Oh, guess what I have a son I didn't tell you about & I didn't tell you about it 'cause I thought you'd be made, even though you left me to go back to your husband who you've been sleeping with for 20 years" and she's all like "Oh OK that's cool, you didn't tell me 'cause you thought I'd be mad".

And Claire is just so damned perfect throughout the book, killing me, getting injured, saving people left and right, and never reacts except one scene in the end where she cries for a night while Jamie holds her. And oh she's OK because she just happens to have enough pencillin left from the modern era to save her life even though she lost all her clothes and belongings several times over. Geez.

Still, I enjoy the series, though re-reading through the books I'm finding I like them so much less than I did say, ten years ago (if you are curious, I'm currently almost 39, and read them the first time in my twenties, where I was perhaps more sentimental & liked the romance bits more).

Oh, and one last thought: am I the only one who wonders if Claire is an alcoholic? Geez, in every scene she's drinking. Yes, I know water wasn't clean &/or easily available & everyone drank, but does she have to drink whiskey in every scene?

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