Friday, May 2, 2014

Bokashi Composting

Bokashi Composting: Scraps to Soil in WeeksBokashi Composting: Scraps to Soil in Weeks by Diego Adam
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being a vegetable garden and an apartment dweller, I was definitely hooked on the idea of Bokashi Composting - something I had definitely never heard of before - and is what Adam's book is all about, bringing Bokashi composting to the US and to people who might benefit from a different type of composting. He specifically mentions apartment dwellers, which is why I asked for this book to review (from netgalley). I've been wanting to try composting, but not having a yard of my own makes this problematic.

Adam begins the book by explaining how he wanted to write a book about Bokashi Composting, and how there's little information about it out there. He doesn't dismiss other types of composting and explains that each of the various methods all have their places. He then gets into the terms used with bokashi composting and the benefits of using this method over other methods - for example, you can compost meat, dairy, eggs and bread with this method & you can't with others. This section is interesting but gets repetitive - after all, you already have the book in your hands so why is the author trying to sell us on the method as much as he is? (it just feels like a sales pitch to me).

The next two sections are on the history and science of Bokashi Composting - another couple of sections that starts off interesting, but just got into too much detail for me and as I sat there reading, I kept wondering if this information was mere filler to make the book long enough for publishing. (these two sections are why I give the book 4 stars instead of 5)

Finally, in chapter 4 we get to the good stuff - how to make bokashi bran, the heart of the composting method (which is actually a process of fermenting). Now that we got into how to do the actual composting - I discover I can't use this method in my tiny 400 sq ft apartment - there's just no way I have the room (especially when we get to the part about how I have to spread the bran around on a large tarp to dry. I have NO floor space, period).

The end result is that this made for fascinating reading, and it was definitely interesting to learn about a new method of composting - but isn't going to work for my household, either.

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