Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Make a Living from Crafts by Margo Price

How to Make a Living from CraftsHow to Make a Living from Crafts by Margo Price
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I downloaded this book when it was offered for free a few weeks ago. I DO make my living from crafts - both from teaching and from designing, and occasionally (very rarely) selling a finished item. Most of my income comes from designing, and thus my experiences as well.

I always read books and articles on a subject like this because I figure there's always more to learn about your business - and I DO consider designing a business. Unfortunately, this book (really a novella) taught me absolutely nothing new, and because it's based on crafts-in-general, a lot of it is just way too general to be helpful to me specifically.

There's sections on selling and pricing your crafts for sale, teaching, marketing, pricing your time fairly, the difference between selling your crafts as a hobby and as a business (a hot topic, always), the benefits of being self - employed, and so on.

I do recommend it to someone who may be interested in selling their crafts or starting to teach, but not to someone who's been doing so for a while.

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