Friday, November 28, 2014

Daughter of the Reef by Clare Coleman

Daughter of the Reef (Ancient Tahiti, #1)Daughter of the Reef by Clare Coleman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Daughter of the Reef shares the tale of Tepua, a chieftain's daughter, who's on her way to a different island to get married to a man she doesn't know, and ends up almost drowned. The book starts off nicely, with some background setting the scene and the characters, but ends up being too slow paced for me.

I didn't like the pacing very much the first half of the book, but enjoyed the story line enough to keep on going for the first half of the book, but by the halfway mark, I just wanted the novel to be over.

There was a little too much romance and not enough historical detail for me, and the pacing was just so slow, and I didn't feel the characters were drawn enough to really get to know them or care about their lives. I really wanted to like this book, as I really enjoy other, similar novels and I don't think I've ever read a novel set in Tahiti before, but I wanted to learn about the culture and the people, and that was sadly lacking.


I was asked to read and review this book by the publishing company, received a free copy of this book to review but was not paid for my thoughts or review

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