Saturday, December 6, 2014

His Favorite Wife

His Favorite Wife: Trapped in PolygamyHis Favorite Wife: Trapped in Polygamy by Susan Ray Schmidt
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This book is one of a few similar books I read back in October on various religions/faiths/cults, and didn't review at the time - mostly because books like this I have to think about for a little while in order to get my thoughts into place. It's always very difficult for me to review a biography or a memoir because I feel like I'm reviewing someone's life and how can anyone do that? Or be so bold as to do that?

Susan's story is about how she marries at age 15 to a man twice her age, who already has many wives, and continues to marry and have more and more children. Her husband at times seems evil and cruel, yet at others seems to genuinely care for Susan as much as he is able - which isn't much, considering all the other wives, children, and demands on his attention.

He (I feel bad, I can't remember her husband's name) continually puts his faith, his brothers, and himself before any of his wives, including Susan the so called favorite wife.

That being said, Susan does a great job showing you her life and her horrors, but letting the reader draw their own conclusions. She ends up leaving her husband and takes her kids with her, makes a few mistakes but ends up happily married at the end.

Anyone who is interested in learning about other cultures or faiths should read this one.

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